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In today’s dynamic business environment, logistics and delivery play a key role in a business’s success. Delivering goods to customers quickly, efficiently, and reliably is essential to maintaining competitiveness and building customer satisfaction. Do you know that: The logistics market in Poland is worth over PLN 200 billion and is growing at a rate of […]


The e-commerce market in Poland is not just growing, it’s skyrocketing. In 2023, its value soared to over PLN 170 billion, and the forecasts for the coming years are even more promising. This presents a wealth of opportunities for businesses that can adapt to these dynamic trends and outpace the competition and gain a competitive […]


In the era of the digital revolution, online trading has become almost a necessity for every entrepreneur. According to Gemius, in 2023, 79% of Polish Internet users made at least one online purchase. The value of the Polish e-commerce market in 2023 was PLN 141 billion, and it may increase to PLN 200 billion by […]


Did you know that the Polish e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing in Europe? In 2023, its value exceeded PLN 130 billion, and the forecasts for the future are even more impressive! Poland may be an absolute gold mine if you are an e-commerce manager looking for new opportunities. This unexpected giant in […]


The efficiency of warehouse operations is a crucial factor determining the success of e-commerce companies in the market. Fulfillment warehouses, the heart of e-commerce logistics, play an essential role in ensuring the smoothness and speed of deliveries. The central feature of these operations is order picking in the fulfillment warehouse, which directly affects customer satisfaction […]


Logistics plays a crucial role in dynamically developing e-commerce, and its value in Poland is expected to increase to PLN 4 billion by 2025. No wonder that more and more e-commerce managers decide to outsource logistics services. This provides many benefits, such as time and cost savings, more effortless scalability, and access to modern technologies. […]


As online shopping has become an everyday occurrence, fulfillment centers play an increasingly important role. According to PwC forecasts, by 2025, the value of the Polish e-commerce market is expected to exceed PLN 200 billion. The above data and the continuous growth of the e-commerce market require fulfillment centers to constantly improve their processes to […]


Embarking on an e-commerce venture in a vibrant market like Poland presents a unique set of challenges for foreign business owners. The prospect of overcoming language barriers, untangling logistics complexities, and understanding a distinct consumer landscape can seem overwhelming. However, as an international entrepreneur, you’re not alone in this journey. Partnering with a seasoned expert […]

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