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Logistics for e-commerce

Logistics of your online store in one place

We provide comprehensive logistics services for online stores in the end-to-end model

  • 1 Integration

    In our projects we use the latest technologies and IT systems.
    We integrate quickly and efficiently with the client’s IT system. Our technologies also ensure integration with the most popular platforms, which shortens time and minimizes costs. We track incoming orders and update stock levels in real time

  • 2 Storage

    we accept deliveries of the Customer’s goods and store them in the most optimal way. We have flat surfaces, shelf space and two four-level mezzanines at our disposal.

  • 3 Packing

    we complete orders precisely, minimizing the risk of errors. We pack them in accordance with the guidelines of our customers. We also offer additional services such as leafleting or labelling

  • 4 Release for delivery
    Release for delivery

    we cooperate with the largest courier companies. Thanks to the scale effect, our customers can count on preferential prices, and end consumers on fast and convenient delivery.

  • 5 Delivery

    thanks to our IT integrations, customers can track the status of shipments on an ongoing basis. We offer the most optimal and cost-effective ways to deliver orders.

  • 6 Returns

    we handle returns. We accept and register returned shipments in real time, updating them in stock.

A friendly interface with an advanced WMS system ensuring full access to data and 24/7 control

In our projects, we use the latest technologies and IT systems, we operate 24 hours a day. We carry out an unlimited number of orders per day.

Our technologies ensure integration with the most popular platforms, which reduces time and minimizes costs.

We work with the best transport and courier companies. We offer a wide range of delivery options at attractive prices

Infrastructure adapted to handle e-commerce projects.

66,500 sq m of warehouse space.
How we work

Why is it worth working with us?

We shorten the time of packing the shipment
We provide flexible cut-off time
We limit the number of complaints to almost zero
A thorough and proven implementation process to minimize the risk of warehouse relocation
Accurate and proven implementation process minimizing the risk of moving the warehouse
We convert fixed costs into variable costs
Thanks to the scale effect, we reduce the costs of couriers and packaging
We provide great flexibility in the implementation of a seasonally variable number of orders
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