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Selling on Allegro from abroad: A step-by-step guide for foreign e-commerce businesses


Embarking on an e-commerce venture in a vibrant market like Poland presents a unique set of challenges for foreign business owners. The prospect of overcoming language barriers, untangling logistics complexities, and understanding a distinct consumer landscape can seem overwhelming. However, as an international entrepreneur, you’re not alone in this journey. Partnering with a seasoned expert in the Polish e-commerce sector can transform these challenges into opportunities. Let’s learn how to sell on Allegro from abroad.


This comprehensive guide for foreign e-commerce businesses  is designed specifically for foreign businesses aiming to thrive in the Polish e-commerce market. With a strategic partnership, you can effortlessly bridge the gap between your brand and Polish consumers.

Firstly, you will learn how to fine-tune your product listings to captivate the Polish audience, turning your offerings into irresistible choices for local shoppers. Furthermore, the guide will tell more how to streamline your fulfillment and logistics operations to not only meet but exceed Polish customer expectations, thereby fostering trust and loyalty.

Also, you’ll have a chance to check if your marketing needs new strategies that deeply resonate with the Polish cultural nuances, ensuring your campaigns strike the right chord with your target demographic. Above all, it will confidently navigate through the Polish legal and regulatory framework, ensuring your business operations are compliant and smooth. Ready to roll? Let’s find out how to sell on Allegro from abroad.


How to sell on Allegro? First, understand the Polish market

This is the starting point of how to sell on Allegro from abroad. Understanding Polish consumers goes beyond demographics. To thoroughly understand the nuances important to a Polish customer, it is good to read the data that illustrates purchasing behavior and habits. Moreover, the latest reports on what kind of customers Poles are, it is worth considering the changes in shopping behavior that developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, many e-commerce companies noticed that the tendency to shop online had increased significantly. As a result, online stores began to implement appropriate improvements and facilities for new buyers and regular customers.

However, before we discuss issues related to how to gain customers on Allegro, here’s a deep dive into their online shopping habits, cultural nuances, and the key legal landscape you need to navigate.

Demography & habits of Polish customers

The latest research and conclusions point to several key components related to the demographics and behavior of Polish consumers.

They show that the vast majority of us are tech-savvy and choose mobile devices to browse the offers of online stores. According to research, 92% of Poles have access to the Internet, of which 63% use smartphones. This is a sign that if you want to launch your offer on Allegro, it is worth optimizing your listings and website to meet mobile device requirements.

What characterizes the Polish customer is age diversity. While the young generations support online sales the most and willingly buy in e-commerce stores, the generation of people aged 45+ constitutes 32% of the e-commerce market share. With this in mind, it’s worth considering how best to customize your product descriptions and create easy returns.

Polish customers appreciate the quality and price. Because they prefer to avoid overpaying but are willing to spend more for quality products, they quickly identify and take advantage of purchases at favorable prices or promotions. What does this mean for an entrepreneur? It is worth considering how to utilize Allegro’s promotional tools and bundle offers. They may be useful when considering selling on Allegro from abroad.

Selling on allegro - cultural and demographic differences


Cultural nuances of Polish customers

As the Polish market grows, e-commerce stores try to adapt to cultural trends.

Of Polish customers, 57% consider positive reviews the most crucial factor when buying online. What does this mean for entrepreneurs? This ratio indicates the need to build trust by publishing and providing verified reviews, clear product information, and excellent customer service.

An approach to personalization also characterizes the Polish market. That is why creating communication and offers based on individual customer preferences is so important. Therefore, it is worth utilizing Allegro’s audience targeting tools and dynamic listings.

The fact that 48% of Poles prioritize product quality over brand name is also essential. Therefore, highlighting product functionality, durability, and any warranties or guarantees is worth noticing. The above information also are important to smoothly start selling on Allegro from abroad.

Selling on Allegro - cultural differences


Legal & regulatory landscape in Polish e-commerce market

Ensuring legal transparency is crucial when entering the Polish e-commerce market. That is why it is vital to abide by relevant EU regulations like the Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EU) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Another critical element is to familiarize yourself with specific Polish laws like the Act on Consumer Rights, which governs returns, warranties, and complaints.

Remember that to operate legally on the Polish market, you must understand the Polish tax regime for foreign businesses. You might require VAT registration based on your sales volume.

Additional legal resources that might be useful when starting selling on Allegro from abroad:

Polish Ministry of Development and Labour:  (Polish)

Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (PIIT): (Polish)

European Commission E-commerce Website:

Legal & regulatory landscape


Why choose Allegro as the foreign businessman

Allegro isn’t just an e-commerce platform in Poland; it’s a cultural phenomenon. For over twenty years, the marketplace has been serving consumers and promoting the idea of entrepreneurship in one of the most innovative areas of the economy. It is verified as the favorite shopping destination for Poles and the most significant e-commerce player of European origin. Allegro is a trusted partner for over 135 thousand companies eager to develop their businesses. Thus, Allegro is still growing and creating innovations that impact the daily lives of millions of Europeans, allowing them to shop for products they need while saving money and time.

But is it the right choice for your foreign business adventure? Here’s why Allegro stands out.

Market dominance

Allegro dominates the Polish e-commerce market in generating traffic on its platform. With over 80% of Polish e-commerce traffic flowing through its platform, Allegro dwarfs the competition. That’s 20 million monthly active users waiting to discover your products.

Moreover, Allegro enjoys 97% brand awareness in Poland, making it a trusted household name. Leveraging this recognition instantly boosts your brand credibility.

Seller-friendly features

Allegro offers various listing options. Their store owners can choose from fixed-price, auction, and Buy Now formats to best suit their products and pricing strategies.

Undoubtedly, advanced marketing tools also deserve attention. They allow you to promote your listings with targeted advertising, promotions, and sponsored products, all within Allegro’s ecosystem. However, users can benefit from various types of support and protection for their activities on the platform. Allegro offers robust buyer protection programs and seller support resources to navigate platform operations.

It is also worth mentioning that Allegro supports convenient logistics solutions. In practice, sellers can integrate with Allegro’s fulfillment partners or utilize their “Allegro Smart!” program for streamlined delivery management.

Comparison with other platforms

As mentioned above, Allegro is a leader in the Polish e-commerce sales platform market. This does not mean that there are no competitors on the horizon. One of them is Amazon. While entering Poland, Amazon holds a smaller market share than Allegro. However, it may appeal to brands already established on the platform.

On the other hand, small platforms offer niche communities, but their reach pales in comparison to Allegro’s massive user base.

While other platforms exist, Allegro’s sheer dominance, brand recognition, and seller-friendly features make it the most strategic choice for reaching Polish consumers.

Bonus Tip: Explore Allegro’s “Fulfillment by Allegro” (FBA) service for even more seamless logistics and customer satisfaction.

Choosing Allegro unlocks the key to Polish e-commerce success. With its vast reach, trusted brand, and seller-centric tools, your foreign business can find a flourishing new market on this platform.

Why choose Allegro


Getting started on Allegro as the businessman

Starting selling on Allegro from abroad is a smooth process with the proper guidance. This roadmap helps you navigate the initial steps, but remember to keep exploring and learning to leverage the platform’s potential fully.

By following these steps and tailoring your approach to the Polish market, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a successful e-commerce presence on Allegro!

How to start selling on Allegro from abroad step 1: Seller registration

  • Gather your documents: Prepare company information, ID proofs, bank details, and any required licenses.
    • Choose your account type: Individual: For personal sellers. Limited selling capabilities.
    • Company: Offers higher limits and advanced features. Best for businesses.
    • Pro: Premium subscription with exclusive benefits like increased visibility and marketing tools.
  • Complete the online registration: Follow Allegro’s clear instructions and provide accurate information.
  • Verify your identity and account: Ensure compliance with Polish regulations.

How to start selling on Allegro from abroad step 2: Listing optimization

  • Keyword research: Understand what Polish customers are searching for and optimize your product titles, descriptions, and categories accordingly.
  • High-quality images: Showcasing products from multiple angles and in use builds trust and increases click-through rates.
  • Competitive pricing: Research market prices and offer attractive deals, considering Allegro’s fee structure.
  • Clear descriptions: Use simple language, highlight key features and benefits, and address customer concerns.
  • Positive reviews: Encourage satisfied buyers to leave feedback to build trust and attract new customers.

How to start selling on Allegro from abroad step 3: Logistics and fulfillment

  • Choose a fulfillment strategy: Manage deliveries yourself, or even better, collaborate with logistic and fulfillment provider, such as OEX Fulfilio to ensure easy and comfortable processes.
  • Compliance with shipping policies: Adhere to delivery timeframes and shipping options offered by the platform. If you choose to collaborate with external partners, you are assured with all legal and shipping policies being held by the chosen logistic and fulfillment company.
  • Clear return policy: Outline your return policy clearly to build trust and comply with Polish consumer protection laws. When choosing cooperation with companies like OEX Fulfilio, all your return policies are held by the partner. Such companies support the processes from delivering the warehouse operations, to sending the packages and taking care of return matters and complaints.

Getting started on Allegro to do list


Note that you get the full range of services when collaborating with Polish outsourcing partners in logistics and fulfillment. In the case of OEX Fulfilio, all tasks related to renting warehouse space, storing goods, packaging and shipping, and taking care of documentation are provided. Thanks to this solution, you not only avoid complicated legal procedures that your partner handles for you, but above all, you change fixed costs into variable ones, which will help you save on your business. You can read more about this in this article:

Marketing and promotion on Allegro

Allegro isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a marketing ecosystem. A multi-pronged approach combining on-platform tools, off-platform reach, and excellent customer service is vital to attracting Polish customers on Allegro. By consistently optimizing your marketing efforts and building trust, you’ll set your foreign business on the path to success in the Polish e-commerce market. Let’s look at navigating tools and building a Polish customer base and start selling on Allegro.

On-platform marketing

Allegro shares various ways to promote and advertise your shop and products. One of them is Allegro ads, which enable targeting specific audiences with cost-effective pay-per-click campaigns with searches and product listings. Promotions and discounts can support it. You can utilize slash sales, coupons, and bundle offers to attract interest and incentivize purchases. Another way to speed up your deals is sponsored products. In this case, you increase visibility by placing your products above organic search results in relevant categories. Allegro also offers brand pages, which enable you to showcase your brand story, offerings, and promotions with a dedicated page on the platform.

Additional tips

To support the vast possibilities of Allegro marketing, be sure you also focus on excellent customer service. Respond promptly and professionally to inquiries, complaints, and reviews. Building positive customer experiences fosters loyalty and trust.

You can also utilize review prompts and incentives to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive feedback, a crucial trust signal for Polish buyers. And the last one, but not least, localize your marketing. Translate all marketing materials and website content into Polish, considering linguistic and cultural nuances.

Marketing and promotion on Allegro


Additional considerations while selling on Allegro from abroad

Despite its challenges, selling on Allegro can be incredibly rewarding for foreign businesses. Being prepared, resourceful, and culturally aware can pave the way for success in the Polish e-commerce market. However, it’s good to consider additional nuances that will prepare you to launch your business.

Cultural differences and language

Most foreign businesses need help to catch up with cultural differences. To avoid language barriers, you can utilize translation tools, hire Polish copywriters, or partner with agencies specializing in e-commerce localization.

Research Polish consumer preferences and adapt your marketing and communication accordingly, which can make a massive change for your business and get customers’ trust faster.

Once you start, familiarize yourself with Polish holidays and celebrations to tailor promotions and messaging. While doing this, it’s also worth considering cultural nuances around humor, imagery, and customer service expectations. It’s also a getaway to start selling on Allegro from abroad.

Resources and support

Allegro is willing to support foreign sellers in various ways. You can use its Seller Center, which provides extensive resources, guides, and tutorials in English on seller operations, marketing, and logistics.

You can contact the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (PIIT) for tech support. It offers information and support services for e-commerce businesses in Poland.

Lastly, there are plenty of local e-commerce agencies. You can partner with those specializing in international sellers on Allegro for comprehensive support.

It is genuinely recommended that you seek professional advice, like consulting legal and tax experts, to navigate the complexities unique to foreign businesses. Polish laws and regulations can change. Stay updated and adapt your business practices accordingly.


For any foreign business eyeing the vibrant Polish market, Allegro is a gateway brimming with potential. Being an undisputed leader who earned brand trust and recognition, it’s an excellent place to start your business in Poland and start selling on Allegro. The platform provides extensive resources and support for foreign sellers. Partner with local agencies, leverage available guides and tap into online communities for valuable insights.

The Polish e-commerce frontier awaits, and Allegro is your key to unlocking success.

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