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Fulfillment center for e-commerce: Key features and best practices


As online shopping has become an everyday occurrence, fulfillment centers play an increasingly important role.

According to PwC forecasts, by 2025, the value of the Polish e-commerce market is expected to exceed PLN 200 billion. The above data and the continuous growth of the e-commerce market require fulfillment centers to constantly improve their processes to satisfy their customers.

In this article, we will look closely at best practices in managing a fulfillment center for e-commerce. It will also present specific examples of how OEX Fulfilio helps online stores succeed.


Best practices in managing a fulfillment center

In the digital era, where e-commerce has become popular, efficient and effective management of an e-commerce fulfillment center is crucial to the success of every online store.

So, let’s look at 5 essential practices that help optimize fulfillment processes and provide customers with the best possible experience.

Integration with the e-commerce platform

Many online stores using integration with e-commerce platforms report an increase in the efficiency of fulfillment processes. At the same time, the automation introduced into these processes eliminates the risk of errors during the fulfillment processes. It translates into greater customer satisfaction.

Therefore, choosing a logistics partner that fully integrates with popular e-commerce platforms such as Allegro, Shopify, and WooCommerce is a good choice.

Fulfillment center for e-commerce


Supplies management

Effective methods of warehouse management and its effective use allow you to reduce storage costs by an average of 20%. The use of advanced WMS systems guarantees precise inventory management and inventory optimization.

So, if stock availability remains at 99%, it eliminates the problem of out-of-stock items. It means then increasing customer satisfaction through smooth, on-time delivery of orders.

Effective warehouse optimization for e-commerce


Process monitoring

Data analysis and monitoring in fulfillment processes are essential for cooperation between the customer and the logistics company. By constantly observing fulfillment processes, it is possible to identify bottlenecks and increase efficiency by an average of 15%. Data analysis allows you to plan and optimize processes and thus reduce costs.

In OEX Fulfilio, customers receive access to detailed reports and analyses. This allows you to monitor fulfillment processes in real-time.

Monitor fulfillment processes


Outsourcing fulfillment

The ideal solution for small and medium-sized online stores is fulfillment outsourcing. In practice, this primarily means generating time savings and cost reductions. At the same time, fulfillment outsourcing guarantees access to specialized infrastructure and employee experience at every stage of service provision.

Therefore, it is worth considering cooperation with an outsourcing company. The professional partner will take care of every stage of logistics processes, thus freeing resources on the client’s side.

Outsourcing fulfillment


Key features of the OEX Fulfilio’s fulfillment center

Growing competition in the e-commerce market forces online stores to improve logistics processes constantly. Customers expect fast and free deliveries (60% of customers expect delivery within 24 hours) and flexible return and exchange options. Meeting these requirements is possible with an efficient fulfillment center.

So, what should be the characteristics of a well-organized fulfillment center? Here are some features worth paying attention to.

Strategic location

Nowadays, fast and hassle-free delivery is a crucial factor influencing customer satisfaction and the success of your store. Consumer expectations are increasing. 60% expect delivery within 24 hours. Consequently, 80% will give up the purchase if the waiting time is too long.

A well-organized fulfillment center can become a strategic asset for your business. It ensures express delivery, a wide range of delivery and return options, complete control and access to information, for the sake of saving time and money.

OEX Fulfilio’s fulfillment centers are located at strategic points on the map of Poland (around Warsaw). It allows for the rapid execution of orders. 90% of shipments reach customers within 24 hours. For example, an order placed before 10:00 a.m. may be delivered to a customer in Warsaw the following day.

OEX Fulfilio offers various delivery options tailored to your customers’ needs. You can choose from couriers, parcel lockers, pick&collect, and other options. Additionally, ensuring an easy and quick process of returning or exchanging goods builds positive shopping experiences and increases customer loyalty.

Thanks to technological integration with our clients’ platforms, it is possible to have constant access to information about the status of orders, warehouse stock, and logistics processes. This type of solution allows you to monitor and optimize activities continuously to ensure the highest quality of customer service.

In turn, outsourcing fulfillment to OEX Fulfilio allows you to focus on the development of your business, not on logistical issues. You get access to modern infrastructure and an experienced team without having to invest in your own warehouse and vehicle fleet.

Modern infrastructure

OEX Fulfilio has modern warehouses with a total area of ​​over 48,000 m2. They are equipped with advanced automation systems that improve the order picking and packing process, ensuring quick and error-free procedures and the ability to handle large volumes while maintaining complete control and safety.

Modern sorting and packaging systems used at OEX Fulfilio minimize order processing time. In turn, a well-designed picking process allows for its optimization and faster execution of activities related to preparing shipments, which in turn guarantees high precision.

OEX Fulfilio’s warehouses can accommodate millions of products, allowing it to serve even the most demanding customers. Needless to say that we deliver over 10 million products to end customers every month.

Modern monitoring and access control systems ensure the total security of stored products. In Fulfilio’s OEX fulfillment warehouses, we provide constant access to information about inventory levels and order fulfillment processes.

Advanced software

OEX Fulfilio uses an advanced WMS (Warehouse Management System) that supports precise inventory management and shipment tracking at every stage.

The role of the WMS is to monitor the quantity and availability of all products in the warehouse at all times. For the customer, this means constant access to current information on inventory levels, which allows for better planning and optimization of processes.

The WMS allows you to track the order’s status at every stage, from when it is placed to when it is delivered to the end customer. Finally, an online store customer can constantly monitor the location of their shipment on the website or via a mobile application.


OEX Fulfilio’s fulfillment centers provide not only modern infrastructure and advanced technologies. But, accordingly, success is driven by experienced people who perfectly understand the needs of e-commerce.

We provide a wide range of options for scaling your business. You can choose the ones that best suit your needs. These among other things, are flexible return and exchange options, as well as additional services such as labeling and packaging or fulfillment for marketplaces.

Working with an experienced fulfillment service provider ensures your logistics partner can keep up with your growth. Therefore, it is worth looking for partners who offer tailor-made services that you can freely expand during the duration of the contract.

Undoubtedly, it is worth keeping in mind the many years of experience of the team of experts, who will advise you in choosing optimal solutions and help you implement them in your online store.

OEX Fulfilio - logistics for e-commerce

Trends in e-commerce fulfillment

In response to these trends, fulfillment companies are continually seeking solutions that will promote efficiency, flexibility, and scalability in the e-commerce market.

It’s no wonder that more and more trends are appearing on the market that are worth following.

One such trend is the automation of fulfillment processes. It is reported that online stores using automation gain an average 20% increase in efficiency. As a result of well-used automation, the risk of errors during order processing is reduced, significantly impacting customer satisfaction.

The robotization of processes (e.g., by incorporating sorting robots or automatic packaging systems) is an indicator that should attract the attention of every e-commerce store.

Another trend is express delivery. It is estimated that 70% of customers expect delivery within 24 hours. On the other hand, 30% expect same-day delivery. Thus, it is becoming an X-factor in the competitive e-commerce market.

A trend that is becoming more and more noticeable and even required by many customers concerns sustainable development. 80% of consumers declare they are willing to buy products from companies that care about the environment. OEX Fulfilio uses ecological packaging and optimizes logistics processes to minimize the carbon footprint.


Companies that want to compete in the e-commerce market must constantly adapt to changing trends and customer needs. OEX Fulfilio is an example of a company that continually invests in innovation and offers comprehensive logistics solutions that respond to the challenges of modern e-commerce.

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