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We provide comprehensive services in the field of the purchase of advertising gadgets, the production of dedicated sales support materials, and the production of promotional cans. watch the video
We optimize processes related to the purchase, production, and import of advertising gadgets, sales support materials, cans, and other packaging.
We supervise production processes and ensure safety and the required approvals.
We advise and make production simpler, faster, cheaper and, above all, more responsive to your needs.

We provide comprehensive support for B2B processes.


We verify the supplier market: Poland and Europe.


 We prepare patterns based on visualizations and client designs.


We present a wide and comprehensive commercial offer.


We supervise the production process.


We provide warehousing and logistics services.


We are the owners of the TINBOX brand-producing cans.

Why is it worth working with us?

Cost reduction

through the scale effect of scale and many years of cooperation with suppliers

International cooperation

we cooperate with producers from all over the world

Easy access

to our product database


we comprehensively take over responsibility for the purchasing process

One invoice

we provide one collective invoice

Quality and safety

We provide approvals that confirm quality and safety

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