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Managing shipment in the online store: how to boost order delivery?


Fast order delivery is now one of the customers’ major expectations. Today you cannot only send products „within several working days once the payment has been deposited”. Requirements are clearly stricter. How to boost order deliveries? The solution may be cooperation with a solid logistics center.

What is faster: own or outside warehouse?

In theory it may seem that managing own warehouse by the online shop is something that boosts order fulfillment. In fact you gain much bigger control over all processes.

The question is whether it is actually faster. Not really! If you run your own store warehouse, it surely works at limited hours and on „one shift”. Perhaps you send orders once a day or – if there are relatively few orders – a few times a week. In the meantime professional services for e-commerce provided by logistics centers often mean a 24-hour operation. This means considerable support both when you sell a lot and when you handle a smaller order volume. Why?

  • In the case of a large number of orders, you can be sure that the logistics center has suitable resources – human and engineering – so that it can handle them easily.
  • In the case of a small number of orders, cooperation with the logistics center may release you from the frequent shipping issue. The outside entity can send a few packages to your customers together with other – for other e-stores which cooperate with it.

Modern warehouse equipment = faster order completion

Customers often decide to do big shopping in one store, and purchase not one but even a dozen products. Collecting and packing them all may be time-consuming if your warehouse has failed to implement a specialist software and does not use automated solutions.

The outside logistics center is in possession of a very advanced technology which allows:

  • quickly identifying all products for completion of the order,
  • smoothly taking them from shelves by employees,
  • packing them instantly – not losing time on manual labeling for couriers.

This is another factor which fosters order shipment.

Location of the warehouse matters

Quick product delivery from the e-shop also depends on how far the destination is from couriers’ distribution centers. The closer to important transport junctions, the better. If you for example send goods from Rzeszów, you can expect shipment to Szczecin or Suwałki to last a bit longer when compared to shipping from Warsaw areas.

As you can see, using services provided by the outside partner which can handle logistics on your behalf is the best way of shortening the delivery time, even up to less than one working day. Do you need help in this respect? Contact us and see how much we can jointly achieve!



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