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The most popular e-commerce platforms in Poland


Many online stores in Poland use popular e-commerce platforms to optimize their activities and actually increase the level of sales. In the era of the development of modern technologies and methods of wireless communication, every e-commerce entrepreneur should consider the possibility of using sales platforms.

What e-commerce platforms are available in Poland? The most important information

Among the most commonly used e-commerce platforms, we distinguish open source models and Saas solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of entrepreneurs. The first group of e-commerce platforms is designed for companies that want to customize the way the store operates on their own and implement solutions on their own or rented server.

SaaS solutions are most often subscription-based. What does it mean? Well, in this case, there is no need to invest in your own server infrastructure. Just pay a monthly or annual subscription and enjoy a reliable e-commerce platform.

E-commerce platforms chosen by Polish entrepreneurs

Online stores in Poland use many e-commerce platforms that are based on open-source solutions, as well as SaaS. At the forefront are platforms that allow you to adjust the functionality of the system to the individual needs of the company. Below is a list of the most popular e-commerce platforms used by online stores in recent years.


It is number one on the list of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It is worth noting that this platform takes the form of a dedicated plugin for WordPress. Thanks to this, you can simultaneously build a functional website with a blog, and after some time launch an online store with full functionality. Built-in functions make it easier to manage products on the website, add descriptions, and finalize orders placed by customers. Many extensions and plugins available within WooCommerce allow you to create an efficient and perfectly optimized e-commerce sales website.


Another popular e-commerce website that allows you to build attractive online stores from scratch. The basic version of the software offers several possibilities: invoicing, order processing, payment and barcode handling, along with the possibility of starting subscriptions to the newsletter. Moreover, the higher the version, the greater the range of services available. A few additional functionalities that distinguish this e-commerce platform include: Presa Addons SEO, online payments, the ability to add promotions and news on the website of the store.


SaaS platform was created for companies that prefer a subscription form of settlements and access to the support of external service providers. Shoper is a platform for online sales with a modern design and simple operation. It allows you to manage sales processes from start to finish, and the system itself has free technical support available to every entrepreneur.


A slightly less popular solution within e-commerce platforms. It comes in a free and paid version, which differs in the level of available functionalities. It is worth noting that the system allows for the development of online sales for both small and large e-commerce businesses.

IdoSell Shop

An interesting, though still underestimated, e-commerce platform available to Polish entrepreneurs. By choosing this software, you can use professional tools to synchronize orders in a stationary and online store, and more convenient payment management, e.g. through integration with the banking system.

In our ranking, we present only a few e-commerce platforms on which the most popular online stores in Poland and throughout Europe operate. A few other systems that are also worth getting acquainted with are Comarch, Selesto, and Shopify.

How to choose the best e-commerce sales platform in 2023?

Still not sure which e-commerce platform to choose for your online business? If you want to sell goods online and reach the widest possible audience of potential customers, choose a platform based on parameters such as:

  • price,
  • functionality,
  • ease of use,
  • how to manage warehouse resources,
  • the possibility of multi-channel sales,
  • available integrations.

The competition among e-commerce platforms is huge, which is why most websites try to attract the attention of potential entrepreneurs with attractive promotions and newer functionalities that make it easier to run your own online store.

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