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Logistics job market – why it’s getting harder and harder to get warehouse workers


The labor market, not only in Poland, but also worldwide, is developing really dynamically. At this point, it’s hard to predict what it will be in a few years, let alone a decade. Currently, however, people looking for any job, even without experience, are doing quite well. The market for an employee is still going on, and those in many regions can choose among at least a few competing proposals. This is one of the reasons why it is becoming increasingly difficult to find workers, to operate warehouses.

The labor market in Poland

For several years now, Poland has seen a market for an employee. This is a situation in which a job seeker can run through offers and choose the most favorable one for himself. Warehouse jobs largely fall into the category of advertisements in which competition is extremely high. Competing are not only product storage places, but also markets, production halls, or such portals as Uber Eats, Glovo, and FreeNow. Some people still live with the idea that warehouse work is not one of the lightest jobs, so they tend to look for other offers, even if they can earn less.

Warehouse jobs become less attractive to job seekers the more shopping squares or malls open in their neighborhoods. It’s very easy to get a job at popular chain stores, and the flexible hours and the opportunity to work with products that are in your area of interest attract many candidates.

A not insignificant share of the situation of the logistics industry is also due to the increasing offers of remote work. In the West, this is already quite normal, but in Poland, it is still not so popular to perform professional duties at home. Nevertheless, especially full-time students, at the beginning of their professional training, can take this path and find a job even at the other end of the country.

How does fulfillment help online store owners?

An online store owner who sees an uninteresting situation in the labor market, and has some concerns about hiring outsiders for his business, may be tempted to shift some of the responsibilities to an external company. This phenomenon is called fulfillment.

Logistical duties, such as storing goods, packing them, preparing them for shipment, and eventually handing them over to the courier, can be fully entrusted to a company that specializes in such tasks. Then it takes over the responsibility for all the above stages of the online store’s work, and the business owner can take care of something else entirely.

Is fulfillment the future?

Looking at how huge logistics centers are currently doing, it seems that fulfillment may be the one to supplant the traditional form of an online store and its warehouse. Shifting some of the responsibilities to an external subcontractor gives the business owner more free time, and causes far fewer worries. This one does not have to worry about the incompetence of employees, the amount of their paycheck or possible recruitment actions.

What can convince you to enter this online store management system? First of all, the fact that more and more products-services can be found on the Polish market. Streaming services, web portals or game streaming sharing are based on a very similar principle – for a certain monthly fee, the buyer gets something in return.

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