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Customer service support. How to support customers in their purchases?


Competition on the e-commerce market is growing, so are customers’ expectations. Would you like expand your customer base? Do you wish to make sure buyers return to your shop and recommend it to others? A crucial issue is the quality of customer service support, that is a widely understood customer service. See what to pay attention to in order to raise likelihood of concluding transactions.

Customer service or customer support?

Even though the above-stated terms are frequently considered equivalent and applicable to the same issue, they differ considerably. While customer service refers to attending to a customer, customer support stands for assistance to the customer. What is the difference between these notions and their corresponding significance?

Customer service is concerned with managing customers’ orders on an ongoing basis. It is all about accepting orders, picking them and making sure the goods are shipped to the target recipient as soon as possible. These are therefore any „basic” operations related to purchasing. They are very important because a smooth order processing and instant shipping to the customer translate into his impression regarding cooperation with the store.

The problem is that there is more than that. The other side of the coin is equally important – customer support. In this respect it is all about supporting a customer in his purchases.
The purposes of actions in this field are the following:

  • accompanying a customer on his customer journey – so that any information required to make the final decision are provided at all times,
  • advising a customer – the store employee, as an expert, may advise the buyer on which of the products best suits his needs,
  • finding a solution which best meets the customer’s expectations – sometimes it requires picking a few diverse goods, etc.,
  • communicating with a customer at every purchase stage – also after placing the order to make sure everything goes according to plan and there is no need to give further support.
    It is therefore possible to conclude that customer service is aimed at fulfilling a specific order, while customer support is concerned with customer’s experiences. Both aspects should be taken care of if you intend to make a good impression on the buyer and in effect receive a positive review and expect further deals.

How to assure high quality of customer service in the e-store?

To make sure the e-customer is satisfied with shopping in your store, you have to take care of smooth communication and error-free logistics.

In the context of communication, put the emphasis particularly on the following:

  • provide customers with true information – both on products and order fulfillment. Be precise and avoid even minor distortions. They will be easily noticed and may have a negative impact on your reputation. Examples? If you are not sure if you can guarantee fast shipping, do not promise a 24-hour delivery to the customer’s premises. Be honest about the estimated delivery time and… adopt solutions which can shorten this period;
  • keep the customer informed about the order status on an ongoing basis – here the process automation may help so that the customer can receive an automatic e-mail message on acceptance of the order, confirmation, picking and shipping. Such notifications strengthen a sense of security in transactions,
  • encourage customers to give feedback and put their suggestions into life.

How to take care of logistics matters? It is advisable to entrust them to the outside trusted partner, for example OEX Business, which can assure smooth and fast order fulfillment in end2end model. Such a form of cooperation can help you focus on communication in the customer service and ensure that picking and shipping of purchased goods will result in positive impression. You can entrust e-commerce hub with a task of communicating with customers so that you can focus only on tasks related to the essence of your business, and let professionals deal with online sales.

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