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What is POSM logistics?


POS materials – definition

POS materials are all materials that support sales and at the same time are BTL (below the line) advertising media. BTL advertising, are all materials and advertising activities that are implemented outside the mass media and that are aimed directly at the retail customer. POS materials are also often referred to by the acronym POSM (point of sale marketing) or POP (point of purchase). Their main purpose is to support sales in a specific way, as it relates to the point of purchase in a direct way or its immediate vicinity.

Types of POS materials

Materials intended for the counter:

  • dispenser (counter card)
  • billfold
  • stand

Materials intended for the shelf:

  • wobbler (interchangeable names: kiwak, diverter, wobbler)
  • stopper
  • shelf-liner (shelf-talker)
  • horizontal liner
  • topper

Materials for the ceiling:

  • flags
  • hanger (ceiling hanger)

Materials intended for the floor:

  • pallet wrap
  • field sign (interchangeably: stork)
  • display
  • presentation and tasting stand
  • roll-up (interchangeably also: roll-banner, roller)
  • stamper
  • floor stickers

Advertising materials of other types:

  • sticker
  • flyer
  • brochure
  • lightbox
  • infokiosk
  • tombston
  • advertising mirror

What is POSM logistics

POSM logistics, or Point of Sales Materials, is the logistics process of storing, picking and transporting a variety of sales and marketing support materials. It covers a very diverse range of materials that are not intended for sale to retail customers. Their purpose is to display specific products and highlight their advantages, so that they stand out from the products offered by competitors. There are many types of POS materials, from small promotional gadgets (key rings hang tags, pens), to printing materials (posters, flyers, advertising newspapers), to promotional stands (stands, displays, modular walls, structural elements of stands, roll-ups, lighting). It requires logistics operators to automate processes, perfect work organization and modern technological solutions.


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