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We help you optimise your purchasing, production and import processes for POSM, product packaging and product components.

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We analyse markets and make purchasing recommendations to clients, then oversee the production processes and ensure safety.

Scope of activities

Our role is to optimize the processes related to the purchase, production and import of POSM materials, product packaging and product components. We simplify purchasing and reduce their costs by using the e-procurement platform.

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eProcurement services

  • purchasing of promotional products, packaging and product components
  • manufacturing of customised items – gifts, gadgets, inserts and textiles
  • product marking
  • delivery of products to any location in Europe
  • analysis of production potential of suppliers.

And also…

  • verification of production quality
  • designing and making prototypes
  • rationalisation of the selection of materials and raw materials to meet customer budget requirements
  • obtaining approvals
  • SGS, STR, PCBC laboratory tests.

Benefits from cooperation

We reduce costs


International cooperation

we cooperate with manufacturers from all over the world.

Easy access

to our product database.

Dedicated platform

quick product search on our eProcurement platform.

Comprehensive responsibility

we take overall responsibility for the purchasing process.

One invoice

we provide you with one consolidated invoice.

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