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Product packaging. What to pay attention to when choosing it?


The product packaging is of paramount importance. Not only does it secure the product against damage, but it also represents it, often determining the impression on the potential customer. How to choose the best packaging? Here are the major tips you need to remember.

Suitable product packaging, what is it?

You may assume that product packaging is of little importance to the success of sales. After all you should not judge the book by its cover. That’s right – you should not. The reality proves to be completely different, and eyesight plays a crucial role in the process of taking purchasing decisions, especially on the consumer market. This is why you cannot neglect packaging selection. Quite the contrary. You ought to make sure the packaging is best suited to your product and brand. 

You need to consider three features of the packaging. What are they?

  • Functionality – the primary task of the packaging is to protect the product against damage. Be it mechanical damage, e.g. scratching or breaking, or environmental damage. It is important especially when the item is susceptible to moisture or air.
  • Branding – the good packaging has patterns which correspond to the latest trends and values which the brand wants to communicate. What matters is a shape, colors and font used to make the label.
  • Economics – the rule is: the bigger the production and sale of products, the bigger the role of reduced price of packaging, assuming high quality and suitable design.

How to combine all these aspects? The best idea is to initiate cooperation with the partner who can help you go through the packaging designing and production stages as well as provide you with assistance in packing articles for shipping to the target customer. It is highly significant to the entrepreneurs operating in the e-commerce. They can make use of help given by OEX E-business experts who are widely experienced in eProcurement. They guarantee tailor-made solutions which allow standing out in the group of competitors.

How to choose product packaging?

It is essential that you spend some time on choosing suitable product packaging. You should not prolong it or hurry up as it may end up with serious problems at the logistics stage.

When choosing packaging, please take into account the following:

  • goods distribution channel – one kind of packaging is required for sale in brick-and-mortar stores (they must be more impressive and also resistant to frequent touches; can be larger too) and the other in online sales (smaller items may prove better, more compact packaging which can fit the collective box with all products ordered by the client),
  • detailed information on the packaging – the product packaging must include suitable data, required by rules of law, but you ought to consider the message coming from the label. More precise information may be required for example on products intended for specialists,
  • material used to manufacture the packaging – it must suit requirements of the product, be economical and easy to use in automatic packing. A common type is a cardboard folding box, which is durable and damage-resistant.

Do you want to be sure you have chosen suitable packaging for your goods: aesthetic, attractive in terms of marketing and inexpensive? If so, use the specialist support in selection. This way you can save a lot of time and money.

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