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OEX Fulfilio develops business relations in Singapore


During a several-day trip to Asia, Arkadiusz Filipowski and Grzegorz Wroniszewski of our company’s management board held a series of meetings with Singaporean organizations, associations, and companies. All this is in order to develop the company’s cooperation with this part of the world, as well as to support Singaporean entities in entering the European market.


During a meeting with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and Enterprise Singapore, government agencies that support Singaporean companies in developing their sales outside Singapore, we discussed opportunities for such entities to cooperate with OEX Fulfilio and thus reduce the risks associated with their entry into new markets. By offering our years of experience, knowledge, and credibility in the Polish market, we are able to significantly, facilitate their start-up in Europe.

A similar meeting was held with representatives of the Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce. This is an association that promotes European companies in the Singaporean market and vice versa – providing support to Singaporean entities wishing to spread their wings in Europe. We were able to hold a number of discussions regarding our participation in this process. Opportunities for joint educational events and conferences.

OEX Fulfilio & BEA strategic cooperation project

Another organization with which we plan to develop cooperation is Business Engineer Asia (BEA). Talks had already been held, and during our visit to Singapore we “finalized” their details, so that we can already boast a new strategic project of OEX Fulfilio&BEA. What does it consist of?

It is an offer aimed at small and medium-sized Singaporean companies to help them succeed in Central and Eastern Europe. By best matching the product to a given market, we will support their development in Poland and Europe allowing them to save time and their own resources.

The first stage of the project is entering our native marketplace, Allegro. By gaining recognition there and building a brand for their products, our partners will be able, with the help of OEX Fulfilio, to take the next steps in other sales channels.

But that’s not all, our strategic partnership will work both ways. Thanks to the project, European small and medium-sized players with ambitions to beat the Asian market can also count on support. We give them the opportunity to develop on Singapore’s largest marketplace, Lazada, and offer full substantive and formal assistance in this regard.

You will get to know the details of our joint offer in March, but anyone interested is welcome to contact us now!

We are also working on a project for big players. Together with one of the local organizations, we are developing a strategy to support medium and large companies in successfully entering Asian markets, but about that soon!

As you can see, the week in Singapore, was full of successful meetings and we hope that it will soon bring tangible results, which of course we will keep you informed about.

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