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Is creating an online store going to pay off in 2022?


Do you wonder whether to start your online store? Following e-commerce performance in Poland in the space of last dozen months, it seems to be a good idea. See what makes e-sales in 2022 a good choice and what to do to maximize chances of getting successful in this business.

E-commerce in 2022: stable growth anticipated

The e-commerce market in Poland has been developing faster and faster for a couple of years. This trend has picked up steam in view of coronarivus pandemic. Since its outbreak, the interest in online shopping has risen. The initial reason was very simple: limited access to brick-and-mortar stores, both due to further lockdowns and fear of infections.

Here comes an important question: is this trend going to remain stable? The research conducted by PwC demonstrates that it is. According to the findings, as many as 75% of Internet users declare that they are going to keep purchasing goods online just like they are doing now, while 10% plan to increase shopping volumes[1]. Based on this, specialists forecast a stable 12-percent rise of Polish e-commerce not only in 2022 but also throughout further years, until at least 2026.

Creating an online store in 2022 – simpler than ever before

A few years ago creating an online store was neither easy nor cheap. It was a serious undertaking which proved truly challenging particularly to those who took their first steps in the world of business. You had to invest not only in the very shop as the sales tool but also in your own warehouse and employees who would manage it.

At present a vast majority of services related to keeping an e-shop are often provided by outside entities which deliver ready-made solutions. This happens on the e-commerce platform (that is the sales system which allows launching the store’s website) and in logistics services.

Creating an online store in technical terms – SaaS platform or marketplace

If you intend to start an online store but also wish to avoid high initial business costs, now you have an opportunity to do so. Entrepreneurs more and more often choose one of two solutions:

  • Saas e-commerce platform – if you opt for this solution, you can quickly configure your store and make it fully functional and user-friendly. The e-commerce platform which can also serve to manage orders is covered by a monthly subscription. This way you can avoid hosting costs. You still need to buy a domain or invest in advertising and positioning;
  • marketplace – it is all about starting your own store not as a „separate creation” on the Internet but under the sales platform which is visited by a wide range of customers. Although you have to face competitors directly, you can quickly build good reach at a minor own investment. You don’t need to invest in the store website.

Remember that you do not have to choose one of these sales channels. You can combine them provided you are able to integrate them well – so that orders can be smoothly processed.

Creating an online store – outside logistics service is a key to success

Although it may seem that the biggest challenge for the e-store is „going online” and keeping the store itself or accepting orders, in reality logistics may be the source of problems when you are on your own. As long as you do not plan to sell your own niche handicraft product in the amount of a dozen pieces a month, you will need a considerable warehousing space.

It is certainly possible to lease a building for e-commerce or build a warehouse. Yet you can run away from all logistics processes by starting a cooperation with a suitable partner. Such companies as OEX E-Business provide a comprehensive management of logistics for e-commerce, which in reality means that they can take over all tasks in this respect.

The outside partner may be held responsible for the following:

  • collecting product deliveries directly from the outside distributor – with regard to verification of delivery in terms of correctness and quality of products delivered,
  • completing pallets and repacking products – also unit packaging,
  • adapting goods labels to Polish standards,
  • preparing product photographs on the store website,
  • integrating the warehouse software with the order handling system – so that the list of available products in the e-shop complies with actual (updated on an ongoing basis) stocks,
  • fast shipping to final customer – even within fewer than 24 hours upon order acceptance – and handling of potential returns.

How to be successful in selling online in 2022?

Currently Polish e-store customers prioritize two criteria. The first is price of products – it must be as low as possible. The second is product delivery time. If you can promise reliable and quick shipments, you will soon attract new buyers. The ones who place an order once and are satisfied will become your loyal customers and are likely to recommend your services to other people.

Remember: if you have doubts about how to plan operations of your e-store to make sure it brings profits, you can always consult specialists. In view of growth of the e-commerce, the number of companies which render services for e-stores is rising. It is therefore advisable to use their service, at least with regard to logistics.



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