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Amazon is a website that allows you to reach a great number of potential customers. It also has many convenient features for sellers! That is why you should find out more about this platform. Perhaps you too will decide to sell your products on Amazon. Read this article to find out:

  • how to sell on Amazon,
  • what to sell on Amazon,
  • who can sell on Amazon.

Find out how to start selling on Amazon

Amazon is a website that enables you to gain access to international markets. If you decided to use this particular platform, you might want to find out some of the basic, essential information about how to, for instance, create your account. You can choose between a Basic and Pro Account. The first one is free. However, you cannot sell more than 40 pcs. of products per month. Selling on Amazon involves a fee of EUR 0.99 or GBP 0.75 per item sold. If you choose the second solution, you can list an unlimited number of items. There is no fixed fee for them. A Pro account offers many features convenient for the seller. One of them is the option of importing the products in a summary file.

Who can sell on Amazon?

An important question is: who can sell on Amazon? Only sole proprietors can become Amazon sellers. Private persons are no longer able to sell on Amazon. This way, the customers are 100% sure that the items they buy come from trusted sellers.

What documents do you have to prepare before creating an Amazon account?

Before opening an Amazon account, you will have to prepare the necessary documents, such as:

  • excerpt from the National Court Register,
  • credit card number,
  • account number,
  • photocopy of the identity document of the company representative entered in the National Court Register.

To activate an account, you have to complete a phone conversation. You can also do this by mail.

All you need to know about selling on Amazon

How to sell on Amazon? To answer this question, we should begin with a discussion of the issue of fees, payouts and commissions. You now know that you can choose a free account or a paid account. Regarding the issue of extra fees, you should be familiar with the Fulfilment by Amazon service. The price you have to pay depends on the quantity or volume of the goods in the warehouse and also on the number of completed deliveries. You can also use additional packing services. They are provided for a fee.

What factors affect the commission collected by Amazon on the gross price of every product sold?

It depends on the category you sell in and the type of product. You should know that commissions are usually within the range of 8% to 15%. However, they are variable.

A few tips on how to showcase your products on Amazon

The product presentation should include a good description and high-quality photos. Why are these so important? You should know that the competition on Amazon is strong. Also, your content should encourage the customer to make a purchase. The title cannot be too long. It should include information such as:

  • model,
  • brand,
  • product colour,
  • product name.

What should a product description on Amazon be like?

The description should include the most important properties of the product. It is important for the content to outline the benefits of the purchase. Also, make sure to include enough keywords. The phrases should be spread out in a natural fashion.

How to promote your product on the platform?

You might be interested in advertising formats such as, for instance, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. In the first case, the seller pays per click. Sponsored Products appear at the beginning or end of the search results. Sponsored Brands are displayed at the top, at the bottom or to the left of the search results.

Logistics outsourcing for e-commerce. What are the benefits of this solution?

Logistics outsourcing is used by online stores. The benefits of this solution include, for instance, lower costs. Another benefit is that you can focus on the key aspects of your business. Yet another big plus is the higher competitive potential!

Selling on Amazon. Summary

Amazon is the perfect choice for people who want to reach a new target group. Selling on this platform has enormous potential! To be successful on the platform, you will have to dedicate some time and effort because you will need experience, skills and knowledge.

If you choose to do business on Amazon, remember to:

  • knowingly combine and adapt selling models,
  • prepare product lists according to SEO rules,
  • maintain high content quality,
  • use tools to analyse sales potential.

Although there are many different requirements involved if you want to sell on Amazon, it will pay off. After all, this is the largest e-commerce platform in the world! The platform has many positive reviews.

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