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How to package goods and pack packages to speed up logistics processes?


Selling goods online comes with many responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, you need to ensure that a transparent ordering service is available, as well as sales management software. The biggest problem for many companies is mastering the logistics processes related to packaging and shipping of goods. In this article you will learn how to optimize order fulfillment time and the concept of co-packing.

Packaging and shipping of goods – what mistakes do entrepreneurs make?

Entrepreneurs make many mistakes when packing goods and preparing packages for shipment. This translates into the efficiency of warehouse work, as well as the speed of order fulfillment. A few logistical problems associated with shipping packages are:

  • no implemented sales and inventory management system,
  • improper organization of storage space,
  • low qualifications of employees,
  • no arrangements regarding the policy of returning goods.

The above factors generate considerable difficulties in managing orders and deliveries, as well as extend the time of preparing parcels for shipment. Companies without optimized logistics processes are not able to expand their activities and acquire new customers.

In order to optimize the necessary processes related to the preparation of packages and the collection of goods for order fulfillment, it is worth opting for professional services related to e-commerce logistics, process optimization and logistics services. More information about such services can be found at:

Co-packing – what is it?

You must be wondering what co-packing actually is. In short, it is a service for shipping goods to achieve the highest possible level of sales. For example: goods are delivered to the warehouse in collective packaging, then transported to storage racks, and finally packed to collect individual orders.

The advantages of using the co-packing service are:

  • cost reduction,
  • faster order fulfillment,
  • greater transaction security,
  • system scalability,
  • access to modern equipment and qualified employees.

In this case, it is crucial to match the right packaging. Each product should have its own box, into which you can put a single product or a whole set. To sum up: co-packing consists in repackaging products from collective packaging to smaller ones, which can be branded with the brand’s logo. Such services also facilitate the additional protection of items during shipping.


Packing orders and the online store – how to speed up these processes and how to pack quickly?

Accelerating the processes related to the packaging of goods and packing them for shipment does not have to be difficult and expensive. Use a few tips that will help you control chaos in the company and shorten the time of packing products for shipment.

  1. Standardization of packaging is the basis. Thanks to this, warehouse workers can pack products easier and faster. It is worth investing in a few standard carton sizes. Thanks to this, shipping individual products as well as collective packaging will not be a problem.
  2. Investment in modern warehouse equipment – automatic wrappers and carton closing devices are especially useful in large companies. If the number of orders is getting out of control, it is a sign that pallet wrappers, filler production equipment, as well as automatic carton packing lines are needed. There are many ways to pack.
  3. Organization of work – in order to speed up the logistics processes related to the shipment of goods, it is also worth taking care of the ergonomics of the workplace. The warehouse worker should have clearly designated places for confectioning goods and packing them for shipment.
  4. The use of a warehouse management system – modern software enables easier control of inventory levels, and even searching for goods on shelves. In this case, electronic scanners will be perfect. A good investment is the order management system, where the queue of orders to be processed and the suggested types and sizes of cardboard packaging are displayed. This greatly facilitates the work of warehousemen.

Of course, there are many more ways to optimize logistics and warehouse processes. Before you take some optimization steps, be sure to contact professionals. At OEX FULFILIO you will receive full support and access to solutions that guarantee logistics services at the highest level.

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