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Green trends in e-commerce or how is the industry becoming eco and how do modern logistics support it in this?


Ecology has been an extremely high-profile topic for several years. For many, pro-eko activities seem meaningless and even disturbing, but if we can contribute at least in a small way to improving the state of our planet, why not do it? The e-commerce industry is, as it were, setting trends on this topic, and the closely related logistics industry is following the same path.

How the e-commerce industry creates its green image

The fact that an area of life is more or less environmentally friendly can be evidenced even by small gestures. In the case of e-commerce, one can find a number of behaviors that significantly affect the share of “green” products and solutions. First of all, online store owners can better position green products. If they are shown in the first place and finding them is not a problem, perhaps the future buyer will lean precisely towards this better-for-the-Earth path. Once the product is ordered, it should be properly prepared for shipping – preferably in reusable packaging, as well as biodegradable fillings. Interestingly, the way to the customer can also be eco! Some suppliers use programs to reduce their carbon footprint, choose more nature-friendly modes of transportation, and organize their work to be as minimally invasive as possible.

The e-commerce industry is also going green without a special focus, somewhat unconsciously. It is definitely better for the planet to set up one company headquarters and a warehouse integrated with it than to set up a dozen points around the country, which have to be reached several times a month by suppliers, as well as customers, who most often do not move in low-emission vehicles.

Modern logistics support eco-activities

Logistics in the 21st century is no longer the image of a big, grimy warehouse with diesel forklifts and hard-working, exhausted employees moving around. Currently, the logistics industry is taking quite a few steps in the direction of being greener, and some of them are already quite successful. First and foremost, we’re talking about an optimized storage system that makes use of up to the last square meter of business space. Good management of storage space means that you won’t need to expand your warehouse, which more or less directly has consequences.

Modern warehouses also have a number of functionalities that have long been found in traditional houses. We are talking primarily about renewable energy systems – photovoltaic panels on the warehouse make it possible to cover a significant part of the demand for electricity, which will be reflected primarily in the cost of maintaining the facility. Adding to this energy-efficient LED lighting, we already have full ecology and savings!

You can also help the planet with small gestures. Energy-saving devices are placed in the staff rooms, less necessary electronic equipment has timers, and a system of lighting up through a motion sensor will ensure that the bulb does not waste energy unnecessarily. Toilets, by the way, have similar sensors – these take care of the economical handling of water.

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