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E-commerce management in end2end model. What is it like?


Running an online store requires you to meet numerous logistics challenges. It is not only about selling highly attractive goods at a reasonable price. It is equally important that you smoothly deliver them to the final recipient. The solution to boost this process and optimize costs is e-commerce management in end2end model. See the details below.

Logistics and e-commerce: more serious challenge than you think

The persons who come across e-sales for the first time may assume that logistics is simple. In reality the online store keeper needs to fulfill a number of duties. They get more complicated and demanding as the scale of business grows – especially that in the face of constantly growing competitors in e-commerce sellers cannot afford to have shortage of stocks or late delivery of goods to customers. These are two major factors leading to e-business bankruptcy.

To make sure your online store can develop, it is necessary to take care of smooth fulfillment of numerous logistics processes, such as:

    • failure-free collection of goods sent by the supplier and verification of order correctness,
    • repacking products from collective into unit packaging – so that they are properly secured further in the transport and look attractive in the eyes of the final recipient,
    • product customization, including attachment of a Polish-language label on each of them (it is essential when goods come from foreign markets, which is currently a standard thing),
    • synchronization of data on warehouse stock with information given in the e-store and updating them in real time,
    • picking the customer’s order and handing it over to the courier – so that as little time as possible passes between the product purchase and shipping to final customer.

These are only examples of tasks which the company operating in e-commerce needs to face. As you can see, it takes a lot to complete them on your own, you need considerable financial and human resources. Fortunately you do not have to expose yourself to mistakes at any stage of order processing – the solution is to use external support of the partner which can complete all these tasks in end2end model.

end2end in e-commerce: what is it?

End2end model is adopted by large logistics hubs, such as OEX Business. It is concerned with taking over all logistics tasks and the ones related to final customer service. As part of such a service, the logistics center takes responsibility for the following:

  • collection and verification of products sent from suppliers being e-store business partners,
  • management of your sales platform’s potential and regular updating of stocks,
  • preparation of product photographs and descriptions, labeling and unit packing, that is the so-called co-packing,
  • sales fiscalization,
  • accepting and picking customers’ orders,
  • product return management,
  • tasks related to customs handling

It is possible to entrust an outside partner with customer service too – for example through a hot line or chat, also in many languages. Such a set of services makes the entrepreneur who starts the e-store able to focus on other duties related to e-commerce, e.g. winning new partners and negotiating more favorable conditions of purchase or developing a range of goods in offer. Importantly, end2end model is flexible, and detailed terms and scope of cooperation can be arranged on a case by case basis. It is therefore important that you take a close look at this solution.

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